Friday, January 21, 2011

Fourth Post! THE STORY OF GRISELDA by Giovanni Boccaccio!! ;)

Griselda, a beautiful girl and single until he met Gualtieri. Let me start by the time when Gualtieri is finding  someone to love her for the rest of his life because the worthy man told him that he needs to have a wife already, and then Gualtieri found Griselda. Gualtieri ask the permission of Griselda's dad to be his wife and i think the dad agree. When they got married they had a 2 child, one girl and one boy and after that Gualtieri is making sure that Griselda loves him by testing her patience. The first test is that Gualtieri said to Griselda that he already killed his son because he don'l like it but Griselda forgives Gualtieri even if he did that. The second test was, Gualtieri said again to Griselda that he killed their daughter because he dont like it also. The third one is Gualtieri ask Griselda to go back to his father or else Gualtieri will leave Griselda and Grieselda did go back to his father. After a few days Griselda went back to Gualtieri because she really loves him and thats the main plot of the story..

For me, If i were Gualtieri I wont even think about doing that stuffs because if you really love your wife why would you think of something stupid just to prove that your wife really loves you? and I will be contented for what we have as long as we trust and love each other..:)

Oh myy!! goosh!! I did it again so I might let the beat droop..(joke).. Atlast!! I'm finish with another post!! oh yeah! I think I can do this..:>  I didn't expect that it was fun doing this blog..:> 

Thankyou for reading..:)

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